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  • What is Photler and why does it rock?

    Photler is a portfolio builder and a place to browse travel photography from hundreds of countries all around the world. Feel inspired and make this place home for your beautiful galleries. Photler is created for a community of talented, hungry of adventure folks who love traveling and taking photos. Photler gives them opportunity to create modern and beautiful portfolio without having to write even one line of code. We’ve also designed a number of tools to underline the beauty of your photos - clear templates, interactive map, personal blog.

    What is preferred size of photos uploaded to your website?

    The biggest images are displayed on the full-screen slider on the homepage, their size is (depending on the chosen template) 1900x1040px, however, we suggest uploading pictures sized 2500x1666, and the browser would scale them and fit into this display. Of course, if you want to sell images with higher resolution, there's no problem with uploading those, no worries - it won't hurt the speed of the website loading since we generate smaller version of your photos for displaying them in the browser.

    Who keeps copyrights?

    Only you! We give you an opportunity to present photos in an elegant, modern way and to sell them. We appreciate our talented users and run an editorial pick of the best galleries on the Portal, so that’s why we ask you for permission to display photos for such promotional purposes, but the copyrights are always yours.

    Who get paid when I sell my photo?

    You, only you! What distinguishes us from other web & portfolio builders is that we do not charge a commission when you sell any of your photos. You set the price and you earn 100% of this money!

    How do I connect my PayPal account?

    You should log in, go to ‘Payments’ section and connect your Photler portfolio with your PayPal account by entering your e-mail address that is associated with your PayPal account.

    Will my images be protected?

    Your photos can feel at ease. They will be protected on our servers like inside a castle surrounded by moat. We try our best to keep your photos safe. We’re currently working on new safety features, so make sure you’re up to date with our updates on the blog.

    Why do you charge money for your services?

    Main reason - we love what we do and we want to keep it running. We gathered the best team to provide the safeties, intuitive and faultless services and tools. Photler is a great solution for those, who cannot afford paying pots of money for professionally designed website at a web design agency. And we are not going anywhere - so you can be sure that nothing will ever collapse here. Last, but not least - Photler has to remain independent, ads free. Instead, we want to re-invest in Photler’s community and give you as much support as we can.

    Do you offer any student discount?

    Yes, we do! We’re glad to have you onboard and want to help you in developing your passion. So here it is: 50% off. The only thing we’ll ask you is to email us (support@photler.com) a scan of your valid university ID and to renew it annually.

    Can I downgrade my account to a lower paid subscription?

    No problem with that. Feel free to do it at any time. When the subscription period comes to an end you can either upgrade or downgrade it in User Panel. If you need our help with this, contact us: support@photler.com.

    Can I turn off the world map view and build portfolio based not only on travel photos?

    Yes, of course. No problem with that - you can turn off the map in User Panel at any time. Photler is mostly dedicated to those who travel, but anyone who enjoys taking pictures can create a beautiful portfolio tailored to personal needs.

    How do I know which template to pick?

    How do I know which template to pick? For start, pick the one that you like the most at first sight. You can change the template by just one click. Whenever you want and as many times as you only wish. Keep experimenting, it doesn’t cost anything! We constantly work on creating new templates, that will be available in the near future, check the progress here: blog. Note also, that in Basic Plan only one theme is available - the one, we called Native.

    I need much more specific template just for myself

    Yes, we can. Our team of in-house designers created Photler, and they’re ready to design your personal portfolio or any other website. Contact us at support@photler.com to get more details. Name your need and vision or simply let us know that you’re looking for something personal and uncommon. We’re truly trustful partner with a sizable number of successful projects to our credit. - take a look at www.crafton.eu to find out more.

    How to navigate in User Panel?

    We tried hard to make this experiences as easy as possible. Once you subscribe for the first time you’ll realize how intuitive it is. While uploading files you can use the drag&drop to quickly sort out everything in place. Remember that you can reach us anytime in case of troubles - we’d be happy to help. Just email us: support@photler.com, we try to answer all e-mails without any delay!

    How many galleries can I publish on my website?

    Question is - how many beautiful pictures do you have? We won’t stop, nor limit you here in any way.

    How many photos can I add per one gallery?

    By subscribing to Basic Plan you can upload 100 photos per month. In Standard and Premium Plan it’s unlimited… because remember - the world is vast and in need of travelers.

    What size photo should I use?

    We highly recommend uploading files with the highest possible quality. Maximum size of a digital file that you are allowed to upload depends on the selected plan: Basic - 10 MB, Standard - 20 MB, Premium - unlimited.

    How do I upload photos?

    You can simply drag them from your desktop or use files uploader in User Panel. Select several files at once and enjoy another beautiful gallery of your own.

    Can I upload photos directly from my smartphone?

    Not yet, but we’re on our way to create the most reliable app for this! Of course, your portfolio can be displayed on any internet-enabled device, still looking outstanding! Stay tuned - sign in for our newsletter or keep up to date with our blog.

    How do I know how many users visit my site?

    Users subscribed to Premium Plan can easily link their portfolio to the Google Analitycs in settings section in User Panel. There are many advanced statistics waiting for you. We also provide basic statistic for every user of Photler, so from the start you're able to see which photos and galleries are the most popular.

    What happens if I don’t upgrade after my trial?

    You need to upgrade within 14 days of starting trial to keep your portfolio alive! Otherwise, your portfolio will be taken offline and you won’t have any more access to Photler tools. We’ll store your files and information for next 6 months in case you want to start this adventure again later.

    Can I use my own domain with Photler?

    Totally. You just need to be subscribed to Standard or Premium Plan. Most of time setting your domain up for Photler is just a matter of making a few simple steps. Here you'll find instruction how to do it and remember - in case of having any problem - we’re here for you: support@photler.com

    How do I remove .photler.com from my domain?

    Personal domain gives your portfolio a very professional appeal. You can simply get your own domain by subscribing to Standard or Premium Plan. Than you will be able to set your own domain up for your portfolio. Instruction step-by-step is available here.

    What to do with my domain if I leave Photler?

    You can transfer your own domain to a new provider. You should make it before cancelling service with Photler to make sure you retain ownership to your domain. You can also cancel your domain if you’re sure you won’t use it in the future.

    Can I use my own webhosting account?

    No need for this. Photler hosts all your photos in a cloud, so you don’t have to be bothered about all this technical stuff. We also make sure, to keep a backup of your portfolio, so that your photos would be safe at Photler.

    Can I change the CSS code in order to customize my portfolio?

    We give you wide range of possibilities to change design of your portfolio, so you can customize the colors, fonts, templates and the way that pictures are presented, but you cannot make changes in the code at this moment (although we plan to implement this feature in the future). If you need a big change in the template, or have an idea for a new, amazing one, you can order a custom design for your portfolio - write to us at support@photler.com.

    Help, I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

    Keep calm, it happens to everyone. You can easily reset your password via e-mail. Simply open menu and click "forgot password?" under the "manage your website" section. Link to reser your password will be sent to your mailbox.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    It tears us apart to see you leaving, but we believe that time spent here was for you valuable and inspiring. To say "goodbye" send us an e-mail at support@photler.com, we’ll close your account down as you wish. You can also cancel it in your User Panel.

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