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  • Swaziland is an absolute monarchy in Southern Africa, landlocked by South Africa in its west and Mozambique in the east.

    The country is one of the last absolute monarchies in the world and is one of the smallest countries in Africa and has a well-earned reputation for friendliness in Southern Africa. It also contains several large game parks and reserves, which are sponsored by the government and are popular tourist destinations.

    Compared to other countries in the region, Swaziland is known for its civility and peacefulness, despite similar problems with poverty and one of the world's worst AIDS crises - nearly 1 in 3 adults are infected.  
    Safari in Swaziland
    Swaziland was the 100th country I visited in my life!

    Mantenga ReserveI spent some time in the capital Mbabane before heading to Hlane Royal National Park. I enjoyed safari and have seen so many rhinos in one area.

    Mantenga Reserve visit was another highlight of the trip. Mantenga Nature Reserve and Cultural Village offers travellers to Swaziland the unique twin focus of discovering both Swazi culture and the local natural environment.

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