Changing text on main slider, world map and blog


You can change text on main slider, world map and in a blog section any time you want. In order to do so, read the guide below.

How to change your text on main slider?

You can choose from four different orders of main slider – ‘Only photo’, ‘Photo with headlines’, ‘Link to gallery’, ‘Photo with other link’. To get to know how more details click the following link:

How to change names on a world map and in a blog section?

Log in to your User Panel and go to 'Settings'.

Choose ‘Pages’. You can manage there your slides in the ‘Home Page’ area.

In a 'Home Page' section click edition button (the green button on a screen below).


You will open a ‘Configure Home’ window. In a ‘Name’ section you can enter a new ‘Home Page’ text. You can also enter there new texts in each section – ‘Headline on Map’ and ‘Tagline on Map’.


In the same window – ‘Configure Home’ – you can change blog texts as well. To do so, enter new texts in a ‘Headline Blog’ and ‘Tagline Blog’ area.

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