Want to Up Your Photography Game? Try Out a Handheld GPS!

Part of the fun of being a travel photographer is taking new risks. Exploring locations that you have always dreamed about. With your camera in hand, you get the opportunity to view great wonders in person. You can revisit them time and time again with your family and friends.

Putting together a portfolio of your best shots is an exciting way to share your professional work. So how do you go about getting the best shot? Try out a handheld GPS! It helps you seek out new locations. Moreover, it is a great way to up to your game and to get those shots. This will make you stand out from other photographers.

Top Handheld GPS Devices on the Market

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I like to visit uncharted territories in locations that aren’t well-known and often photographed. In these unexplored places, I trust the use of my handheld GPS. It helps get me where I need to go and to track my path along the way.

in Reach GPS - handheld GPS

Using a handheld GPS is a game-changer. I don’t need to worry about my phone battery dying when I’m hiking I can easily follow maps, no matter my geographic location. Some of the top handheld GPS devices on the market today include:

  1.     eTrex (Garmin)
  2.     Montana 680 Touchscreen GPS (Garmin)
  3.     Rhino 750 (Garmin)
  4.     Oregon 650t GPS (Garmin)
  5.     Garmin 64st
  6.     eTrex 10 (Garmin)
  7.     eTrex 20x (Garmin)
  8.     DeLorme InReach SE
  9.     Back Track G2 (Bushnell) 
  10.     Foretex 401 (Garmin)

To read a full review of each device and listing the pros and cons in detail, check out this guide to the top handheld GPS devices. See which one may be right for your photography needs.

GARMIN GPS - handheld GPS

Creative Benefits of a Handheld GPS

Having one of these devices in the palm of your hand while seeking out new photo-ops on your travels is key. It will help you find new ways. These navigation systems allow you to target and track specific locations that a phone may miss without internet access. They also work in rain or shine-and all other weather conditions. If you are wanting to get creative and shoot amidst a snowstorm in Alaska, or you want to be caught in a storm in the rainforest, having one of these devices on hand will keep you safe.

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With a handheld GPS device, you can explore more of the world with your camera. You will worry less about the battery life of your phone. Knowing your location in far-out places in half the battle with this handy tracking device. You can gain the best shots and fulfill your creative spirit through photography.

Bushnell GPS - handheld GPS


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