Travel Photography Notebook Live NOW on Kickstarter!!!

Attention travel notebook lovers!

Have you always wished to plan a trip easy and fast without opening thousands of tabs in your browser?

Photler has started a Kickstarter campaign for their newest product: a Travel Photography Notebook full of inspiration for active travelers.

The photography notebook features travel destinations from around the world which are put together with inspirational quotes, tasks and tips.

Its goal is to help travelers to organize and plan their trips more efficiently and in a more fun way.

It has different sections such as:

  • “My Own Travel Pack List”,
  • “Photography Task for Today”,
  • “Special Photo Tasks for today”, etc.

These sections are meant to help travelers to organize their trip faster and gather more “analog” memories.

The notebook itself is a call to action for building a quality trip, get back to the offline world, think on paper and start a travel journal.

The inspiration comes from the photos uploaded on the online community of Photler’s photographers.

Check out here what we mean by NOTEBOOK REVOLUTION (and what do we destroy in the meantime) if you’d like to support our Kickstarter campaign, you can back it here.

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