Top tourist attractions in Lisbon

There are three words that can describe the character of Lisbon – peaceful, relaxing and popular. So if you’ve never been there and you need to break your daily routine, then it seems to be a perfect destination to take a rest from everyday stress and pressure. Let yourself immerse in Portugal rich culture, taste a bit of street life and explore this magnificent city. R. Herbst

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that a large number of beautiful spots in Lisbon suits every taste. You can easily feel the energy of this city. Just look at the architecture, its forms, shapes, districts. It may be compared to the big terrace. From Baixa, the lowest district to the imposing San Jorge’s castle at the highest point, you can enjoy the amazing view of the city.

Praca do Comercio, P. Kulczycki

Let’s start the trip from Baixa, the central district. In this part of the city you can see the very famous Praca do Comercio – the main square of the Lisbon with its U letter shape. It is definitely the right place to feel the local vibes. Back in the day, there was a residence of the Portugal kings destroyed in 1755 by a terrible earthquake. There are two columns saved from the past in front of the Tiago that witnessed the ancient times and the glory of the Portuguese empire. Nowadays it is a city center full of the street artists and handcrafted manufacturers no matter when you go there. You can stroll on Rua Augusta street and visit one of the fashion boutiques, shops or local restaurants.

Rua Augusta, D. Campos

The district is crossed by a lot of tram lines and buses. Exactly in the middle of Rua Augusta passes Tram 28 famous for his specific yellow color. This is the form of transport that you must take during your trip! Visit the city without this tram is like going to Rome and haven’t see the Pope.

Tram 28, R. Herbst

After a few minute journey that you can spend admiring the beautiful streets and city corners from a different perspective we arrive on other significant district called Alfama. It may be seen as the most hipster area in the city because of its famous fancy bars, posh restaurants and many locals where you can order a typical meal based of cod and attend the most Portuguese performance – Fado dance, with its psychedelic movements and music.

Don’t miss Miradouro de Santa Luzia and San Jorge’s Castle. Surely you have seen these locations many times on the pictures but the view is really incredible and worth seeing. You can take some photos there and then appreciate the real peace of mind moment.

Mirador Santa Luzia, P. Kulczycki

Visit Barrio Alto for its bustling nightlife, picturesque streets and azulejos – blue ceramic tiles covered with small patterns or historical and traditional pictures.

The last place of our list is the Belem district situated near the Praca do Comercio. It is the historical part of the city where all the ships directed to the new world were departed. It is unique because of the buildings gothic style – sacred and profane both – and that gives an austere and immaculate beauty at all his environs. It is also famous for the mouthwatering sweets pastéis do Belèm. It might be the sweetest thing that you would probably eat there.

Belèm’s tower, K. Hudaszek

If you are just falling in love with Lisbon because of these few words, don’t hesitate to book a flight and accommodation as soon as possible!

Only there, on the streets, squares, tram, restaurant and bar you can find and see the glow of the further east capital in Europe and maybe one of the most genuine, beautiful and cosy city in all the continent.


Written by Stefano Salero

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