The visit of our special guest – a user in the office!

Have you ever talked to the boss of your favorite brand? Well, this is what basically happened to us – one of Photler’s users came to meet us. And as you probably answered no to the first question, just as most of the people would do, it really is a phenomenon. People just don’t simply walk into the brands’ offices 😉 So here comes the story of how we meet our user.


That person is Marion from Hibiscus&Nomada. She was one of the first users on Photler, so we have known her for some time now. We helped her to create a website she needed for her new business and we can proudly say that we really become friends, as our communication wasn’t focused only on website issues – both sides felt comfortable enough to share plans and achievements.


So how did it happen?

A couple of months ago we were sitting in the office as usual, when suddenly we got a special email – I’m coming to your city in December! After we collected our jaws off the floor, we realized what was going on. She was so happy with her Photler website’s success, she loved it so much that she decided to come and meet the people behind it.


What does it mean for us? Well, pretty much everything! We couldn’t be more proud to hear such a news. The personal communication and individual approach to every user has always been our priority so the fact that one of them appreciates us and our work so much is the greatest reward we could think of.


And so we planned our social media actions, photos, videos, more photos and even this blog post. Until the day came we couldn’t really believe it. But we were prepared.

A couple of days before we explained Marion how to get to our office from the airport, but from the very beginning we knew we wanted to pick her from the airport by ourselves. And so we did, to her surprise! Doesn’t it feel good when someone comes to give you a helping hand? 🙂



In the office

When Marion arrived to our office it was immediately filled with her positive energy. She met every team member and even thanked web developers for the support on her website. Then we sat in our conference room and talked about our future plans. Both Marion and our team are working on some improvements and changes so we were able to discuss it all in person. We are happy to have such an active user in our Photler family and every kind of cooperation with her is a huge reward for us. We’ll surely keep you posted about our future plans, when they’ll see the daylight!



Out of the office

Talking business is great, but not everything, so we took Marion for a dinner. There are some real food-lovers among us, so there couldn’t be another option of spending time together. It was also a great opportunity to relax and get to know each other. We’re all travel freaks, so we obviously talked about travels and places we have seen. It’s great to chat with people who share the same passion as you 🙂


Marion also had a plenty of time on her own to wander around in our city. She spent here two days, discovering the hidden gems of Poznan. And we must say, she’s a perfectionist at that. You’ll learn more about her trip soon – we’ve got something special for you!


Marion’s visit was short, but really important for us. Not only we had a chance to meet one of the most active users, but also a great personality. The fact that she decided to come and see us is a huge reward for our work. We always put Photler’s users at the first place, so having her appreciate what we’ve done for her only gives us wings to work even harder. THANK YOU Marion for visiting us! 🙂

The Visit Of Our Special Guest – Meet Marion from Hibiscus & Nomada

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4 thoughts on “The visit of our special guest – a user in the office!

  1. Indeed, Marion is an extraordinarily social and warm person. I call her my Red Hair Sensation. I have known her for 4 years and I met her when she was my student, as a visiting professor in France. Her new business is sensational -just like her!
    My wife is American but from Polish origins, and so I have a particular affection for Poland and Polish people both as a husband and -originally- a Frenchman -as there is a long standing cultural friendship between France and Poland. . I wish you all the best with your endeavors and friendship.

    1. Hello Philippe! Thank you for your kind comment. I have to agree – Marion is sensational! It was such a great pleasure to meet and talk with her personally after months of exchanging emails. Sending lots of love to you and your wife from our team! 🙂

  2. Guys! Thank you so much for having me! It was such a great day! I look forward to our future plans together! And Philippe thank you so much for your nice words, I have to say I had a good teacher and now a great mentor! Love x

    1. Thank YOU for coming to meet us! It was really awesome to spend a day with you – you are so lovely and inspiring! We also can’t wait for our future plans 🙂 Take care, Marion!

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