The Sun Lover’s Guide to Spain

The Sun Lover’s Guide to Spain

Spain is the ideal holiday destination if you are looking to bathe in the sun for hours on end. This country really does have it all, spanish villas that exude luxury, beaches that seem to go on for miles, and that relentless sun that seems to beat down every minute of the day.

If you’re a bit of a sun lover chances are you’re going to love your time in Spain, but before we delve into where the best beaches are we’re going to have a look at what you’ll need to do to ensure you stay happy and healthy on your holiday:

Use that Suntan Lotion

One of the best things you can do when you’re on holiday in Spain is to cover yourself in suntan lotion. I know you plan to get a really nice tan, but you need to look after your skin. If you don’t use suntan lotion you’re going to damage your skin and it will age quicker than it would have if you used lotion. So, get that factor 50 on and make sure you re-apply it when it’s needed. You may want to have bronze skin, but the sun’s rays are harmful and it would be a shame if you damaged your skin just because you wanted to look good. Be sensible and look after your skin.

Wear a Hat

The Spanish sun can get really hot, especially during July and August, this is why it’s important that you wear a hat. If you really don’t like wearing hats just pop one on between 1 and 4 pm when the sun is at its hottest, and you will be less likely to suffer from heat stroke.

There are usually many sun hats and baseball caps for sale in various tourist destinations, so if you don’t pack one in your suitcase you can usually buy one somewhere nearby. Keep that hat on as long as you can, you really will feel better for it.

Wear Sunglasses

In addition to being quite bright, the sun can actually damage your eyes. This is why it’s important that you wear sunglasses. The good news is you can find some cheap sunglasses that suit most people, so invest in at least one pair and protect your eyes.

Drink Plenty of Water

One of the best things you can do is drink plenty of water while you’re enjoying your time in the hot Spanish sun. Take water with you when you go to the beach, and don’t forget to fill your water bottle up now and again. Many restaurants and cafés in Spain offer water for free, so make sure you always have enough with you. You don’t want to get dehydrated, so take a sip every now and then so your body stays cool.

Spend Some Time in the Shade

When the Spanish sun is at its hottest you may want to think about spending some time in the shade. Not only will the shade help protect your skin, but you’ll feel better for it too. If there isn’t a lot of shade on the beach or you don’t have a parasol with you, consider taking a walk into town as the buildings will provide a bit of shade, helping you to cool off.

A Little Bit about Spanish Beaches

– Playa Calahonda

Spain has an incredible 8,000+ kilometres of coastline, meaning there’s plenty of beach for everyone! Some of the best beaches can be found in the Costa del Sol, but more specifically Playa Calahonda, where the beaches are so incredibly beautiful. Lined with a rocky cliff and surrounded by blue sea and almost-white sands, this is the beach for you. Located nearby are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars allowing you to enjoy a good meal and a bit of a drink after you’ve spent the day laying in the sun.

– Costa Brava

Platje de Tamariu has to be one of the most picturesque beaches in Spain. Complete with fishing boats, white houses and pine trees, this beach really does have to be seen to be believed. The nearest town is Palafrugell that’s home to shops, restaurants and bars. It takes just a few minutes to get there by car, so you pretty much have everything you need close by. I recommend that you take a camera to this beach as you’ll want to snap at least a few pictures of the scenery.

– Costa del la Luz

Costa del la Luz can be found 20 kilometres from Tarifa in Andalusia, and the beach itself is huge. Stretched out over miles and miles the beach is a quiet, relatively unspoiled one that is a real contrast to some of the busier beaches. You will need to have your own transport to get to the beach, but it’s well worth it, and with a small cluster of restaurants nearby you’ll be in paradise.

Spain really is the ideal destination if you’re a bit of a sun lover. With long stretches of stunning beaches and amazing weather, you’ll be pleased you came to sunny Spain. Make sure you wear suntan lotion, drink plenty of water, and sit in the shade from time to time and you’ll be doing yourself a favour. All that’s left for me to say now is: Enjoy your holiday and the feel of the hot, hot Spanish sun on your skin.

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