The Power of Social Media for Travel Photographers How to run the best profiles of them all

Social media are the best form of promotion – every company and business knows that and is no longer spending $30,000 per month for an ad which potentially is about… 1-2 seconds of customer’s attention. That’s why you have to take your promotion seriously and understand the power of social media for travel photographers – and we’ll guide you from one platform to another.

Social Media Instagram

Learn how to best use:

Check out our tips and get ready to become a recognizable photographer you always wanted to be!


Instagram is one of the biggest social networks, but it definitely is the king of sharing photos. As in 2016, there were 500 millions of users of Instagram, and the number is constantly growing. It’s a perfect place to promote your work and reach a wide audience. What to do to achieve that?



They are your source of likes and followers. There are several categories of hashtags that you have to use describing your photos:

  • travel-oriented – e.g. travel, instatravel, travelgram, instago, travelwritertravelph, travelphotography, traveltheworld, traveldiary, travelnow, travelporn, explorer, exploretheworld, exploretheglobe, wanderers, wandererstravelco, wanderlustlife
  • location – depending on where you are, but be precise, they must be detailed – e.g. barcelonagram, barcelonacity, barcelonalife, barcelona_world, barcelonalovers, igersbarcelona, barcelonatrip, ilovebarcelona
  • type of photography – travelphotography, landscapephotography, mountainphotography, sunsetphotography, wildlifephotography, nightphotography, naturephotography, 
  • your equipment – what did you use to take this pic, e.g. nikon, canon, 5DMarkIII, 105mmcanoneos, canonphoto, canon_photography, olympuspen, olympusinspired, nikon_photography, nikon_dslr_users
  • your brand – don’t forget to include your photography business name 😉
  • general – which tell what’s in the pic, plus some other, e.g. motivationalmonday, motivationday, motivationpic, inspirationoftheday, inspirationstyle, lifestyler, lifestyleblogger, lifestyleph, lifestylegoals,  instagood.

It’s best to put them in the first comment, but don’t add more than 30, or your comment won’t be posted.

When and how to post?

The most efficient time to post on Instagram is from Monday to Thursday, at any time except 3 – 4 p.m. (according to Hubspot).


3 posts per week would be ok to start with, so your audience won’t be spammed. However, the more you post the bigger possibility to have more followers you have. So, don’t wait any longer and start now! And hey! Grab some apps that will surely help you with planning your content. Here they are:

Buffer – it’s a really smart way to share what you want to share on Social Media. People have called it great names before, like your Social Media Assistant or the Siri of Social Media. What it does is simple – you add updates to your Buffer queue and it will be posted for you well spaced out over the day – and at the best times. And what’s important, you can use it for free. 🙂


Crowdfire – it’s an app to grow your social networks. Get more followers & succeed on Instagram!

Later – it’s another app that’s gonna help you with scheduling and managing your Instagram posts. Just have a look at how easy it is.



Facebook has almost become a synonym for social media. From the simple idea to the most popular platform with 1.71 billion monthly active users. Even though this number is gowly falling down, it’s still the biggest player in the game, so you have to use it wisely.


It’s extremely important to separate your personal profile and business pages. Firstly, it keeps your personal life and business away from each other. Then, with a page, you have “fans”, not “friends”. And there are no limits for a number of fans. Plugins for pages help you increase your fan-base and you can have an insight on how is your page doing. Lastly, with a page, you can use paid advertising and SEO options.

So, as you now know the business page is a must, it’s time to improve it. When it comes to profile photo, a logo will make people remember your brand, while a personal pic will give you more personal connection with your fans. It’s also crucial to fill the page with all the information, because people won’t “like” the empty page, not knowing what are you up to.

The best time to post on Facebook is a little more detailed. According to Hubspot, it’s afternoons on Wednesdays to Fridays and around midday on weekends. Keep it in mind when planning posts using Facebook tool or Buffer.

facebook timing

You should also remember that social media implement huge alghoritm changes everyday. Few years ago text form was very popular, then Facebook brought more attention to photos, but as you can see now – Video is the future. We started investing more resources in video marketing and with help of Craftoon we created high quality video animations, that helped us with reaching and engaging more people.


Pinterest is probably the place where your work will go viral the fastest. Plus, travel is among the most common searches there. So those pins are your chances to quickly spread the word about your photos.

Again, it’s best to have a business account so you can track which boards are the most popular. Knowing that you’ll be able to post more content which people like the most. Also, create several different boards there to group your photos. Each pin should be described in details, with keywords, links, categories, and hashtags. Include your name and location as well.


To plan posts on Pinterest you can use Buffer (yeah, it’s probably the best for everything), Viraltag or Tailwind. The best time to upload new pins is in the evenings every day.

In comparison to Instagram, Pinterest is much more organized (well, Instagram is not organized at all), and it allows you to post not only photos but also videos. You can share there your YouTube video of the behind the scenes of your work or your video business card.

A great advantage of this network is that you can create a special board just for one client – this will make them feel more special and appreciated so they’ll be more excited to work with you.


Tumblr is a combination of photos, blogging, and social networking. In the contrast to other platforms, you should post on Tumblr as often as possible. So it’s best to have some posts queued when you know, you won’t be able to post by hand.

You should also pick a specific topic of your content. People often search precisely picked things there, so make sure you post about topics you are really into and have lots of knowledge about. Keep in mind what interests your followers the most.

And don’t forget to add detailed keywords to every post on Tumblr, so it’s easier to find it. The platform also offers you the possibility to advertise your posts.


Don’t wait any longer with making the best profiles of them all! It’s not that hard is it looks, believe us. 😉 Just don’t limit yourself to the one particular type of content. Don’t hesitate to convey info with the visually attractive infographics. Monitor trends. Add some video to grab the attention and attract new followers. The short videos that we have cooperated on with Craftoon video production company in Poland helped us boost the audience engagement on our profiles faster than before. Start becoming a social media ninja with your travel photography and make a step forward to creating your photography business. We truly hope that this article is gonna help you out.

Let us know in the comments if we’re not wrong. 🙂

Good luck fellow travel photography freaks!

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