New York City Short Travel Guide

Surely there won’t be any Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York when you arrive. And you will probably change your overall idea about that city that inspires many of great artists such as Truman Capote, Fitzgerald or Woody Allen. Yeah, it is one of those rare examples of locations that look far more impressive in reality than on the photos.

To be honest, the list below doesn’t include the most extraordinary and unknown spots that you’ve never heard about. It’s just a simple compilation of locations that let you feel the New York vibes.

Follow the list if you enjoy that kind of slow and carefree traveling to get into specific city mood.


Central Park

Absolutely must see no matter when you go there. That immense green area turns into a perfect place for chillout after a busy day during the spring time. In winter it delights visitors with a charming view of trees covered by the snow. Take time for a nice stroll with a cup of coffee, newspaper or a moody tune on your i-pod. You can also combine sport activities with city exploration in this location as you wish.

American Museum of Natural History

To get to know some interesting facts about the past on Earth since the dinosaurs existed. You can find there a large number of exhibitions from meteors to mammals and human remains. This amazingly huge museum became a part of the culture and it also appeared in famous novel The Catcher in the Rye written by J.D. Salinger.

Grand Central Terminal

A great example of marvelous American architecture worth visiting not only because it’s significant role in NYC transportation. The spot is the right choice for leisure as well. Depend on the time of your arrival you can attend some music concerts, temporary exhibitions or a holiday fair. There are also sophisticated eating places, tennis court and a plenty of shops.


Times Square

The vibrant full of life spot on the NYC map that you can associate with a Tom Cruise scene from Vanilla Sky. An obligatory point to see the bustling city life and to eat a dinner in a fancy restaurant or go shopping. Even if you find it a bit overwhelming to spend your time in such a crowdy place, it is still imposing.

Empire State Building

Don’t get discouraged by the constantly long queues. At first glance, it may seem to be just another plain tourist attraction. But in fact, the view from the top floor is totally outstanding and there is no exaggeration. If you consider a visit, pay attention to the current weather conditions. With a thick fog in the air, a panorama will be less spectacular.


Rockefeller Center

A complex of 19 buildings that was sponsored by the Rockefeller family. One of the skyscrapers located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan is the NBC headquarters with Saturday Night Fever or Late Night with Jimmy Fallon studios. From 8 am to midnight you can admire the perfect view of New York from the top of the Rock Observation Deck and in the holiday season you can enjoy the winter attractions on the ice rink or have a whale of a time in Radio City Music Hall.

That big city is unique and it’s a kind of worlda center for global business and entertainment. You may have been there hundreds of times and every single visit brings you another set of memories and small unexpected discoveries.

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