Carry your camera everywhere, literally everywhere

Have you ever thought I wish I had my camera on me?

Beauty can surprise you in the most unexpected moments. It doesn’t distinguish whether you are out with your friends, you’re running errands or maybe you are just going to the market two blocks away. It can astonish you at every place, at every time. It is easier when you’re travelling, since new places makes us excited about every single thing. But still, carrying your DSLR with you for the entire day can be exhausting. So make that effort and go the extra mile, even when both, your neck and back hurt from all of the gear you have and you simply want to grab a beer and chill out with your friends.

If that’s the case, leave this tripod and five lenses, but take your camera. If that’s still out of question, take your old point-and-shoot camera, film camera or even a disposable camera. Having one of those will keep you on your toes the entire time, you will be constantly seeking for something to shoot. Sometimes the only reason will all the extra stuff you’ve been carrying for a whole day which can’t go for nothing, right? If you are capable of having similar alertness with your iPhone, then it’ll also work, but for me, more physical representative of a camera is a better option.


Shoot more, shoot less

However, having your camera within arm’s reach can lead you to take more pictures just for sake of shooting. Try to avoid that. You should still follow your gut, because sometimes you have only this one second to notice something incredible, unique or ironic. Nevertheless, that’s not always the case and you should think more about meaning of the photograph, about it’s purpose.

If you want to capture a memory, don’t just shoot the closest thing in your range, but rather stop for a minute and think about your feelings and the best way in which they can be reflected on the picture. You can even try limiting yourself to a number of photographs, or taking film. As a result, you will pay more attention to each photo, since you can’t really do a lot of retakes.

Your content as well as your technique will improve. When I tried this, I started looking at everything, even over-seen tourists attractions in a totally different way. My limitation didn’t allow me to repeat myself, so I had to come up with unique ideas all the time. It really expands one’s creativity and approach towards photography.


Make your everyday life a journey

Amazing places and beautiful people don’t start 500 km from your location, they are around you. Don’t constrict yourself to shooting only when you are travelling, but seek for photograph content during every day of your life. As I stated at the beginning, take your camera with you always, on every occasion, even when you go to visit your grandparents in their house you’ve seen thousand times. It’s a chance to notice something new, something beautiful, what otherwise wouldn’t be seen.

Make your daily commute to work a possibility to capture unique stories, look around, be present. Always be interested in the world around you, always anticipate for something amazing to happen and be ready to capture it. Don’t allow anybody to tell you that the place you are in is boring. It is has as much beauty as you will notice, it will be remembered for as much beauty as you will capture.


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