3 Best Ways For Editing Your Travel Photos On The Go

3 Best Ways For Editing Your Travel Photos On The Go

Learning travel photography has been an unbelievable journey over the last few years. Nevertheless, something actually astonishing happened when I finally learned photo post processing techniques with Adobe Lightroom.

During travel, it is very difficult to devote time for photo editing because you are always on the go, and there is no time to waste on Photoshop. However, there are 3 great ways to save your time on it and share your colorful photographs with your friends on Instagram and Facebook right now, and not after arrival at home.

Method 1 – Using Lightroom photo editing while traveling

The Lightroom presets are the quickest way to edit your travel photos naturally. You need to pre-download several bundles of LR presets, and they’ll make all color corrections and endow your photos with unique styles.

To convey the brightness and juiciness of nature, use free Lightroom landscape presets. Apply them to various travel images where you capture the nature, beautiful sceneries, lands, lakes and rivers. They will correct shadows and play with color palette. Editing the landscape photos is very simple and pleasant. Simply – because you do not need to correct your skin imperfections, reshape your body, but it’s nice because these photos are our emotions and memories of the trip and new acquaintances.

To show the freshness of the morning in the woods or the first rays of the sun’s warmth apply free sunrise Lightroom presets, which will not only improve the quality of your photos but also hide the small light flaws.

When you want to share with friends or relatives a romantic moment during the sunset, but your photos turn out to be darkened, the Lightroom sunset presets free will come to the rescue. After using them, the photos will be ready for publication in social networks to collect a bunch of likes and enthusiastic comments.

Method 2 – Is VSCO filters a new standard in mobile photography?

One of the best photo editing applications VSCO offers a myriad of filters for travelers. They can edit their photos directly on the smartphone, quickly applying plugins to images and experimenting with colors.

The VSCO user-friendly design application can also be used as a gallery for viewing the compatibility of photos before publication and as a photo editor.

The app can be downloaded online for Android and iOS devices. Among them you will definitely find a favorite filter for your travel-photos, which you will use. Spend less time on the phone, but get more impressions and more new photos.

Method 3 – Snapseed adds drama effect.

This is a Google editor, which allows you to make a selective correction, create a film effect or add a Bokeh effect. This application will be easy to use for Photoshop professionals, but also those who have never used pocket photo editors in their life. You will be able to get used to the application, trying to apply the effects of double exposure, noir, coarse grain or selective correction.

The advantage of SnapSeed in front of VSCO is that it independently determines the genre of the image (portrait, landscape, etc.) and prompts the user for possible tools for work.

The tools of this application will help you quickly cope with the editing of photos directly on the smartphone and continue the walk/sightseeing/communication further.

Take time to travel, not to edit photos. Collect impressions and store them in memory or on beautiful photos.

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