6 Amazing Photograph Opportunities in Sin City

6 Amazing Photograph Opportunities in Sin City

No Las Vegas shindig is complete without maxing out the memory card of your digital camera. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just randomly snap pictures throughout your vacation. Taking pictures in a city that’s teeming with life and countless photo opportunities 24/7 means that you need a plan. Let us help you out with this short list of interesting places/events to shoot.

1. The Neon Museum 

Remember those classic neon signs you used to see in really old photos of Vegas? A bunch of them ended up in The Neon Museum.

Forbes points out that the museum is home to the weird and wonderful signs from the businesses that used to dominate the famed Las Vegas Strip. This includes dry cleaning services, random advertising, defunct casinos, and even “Nevada’s best fried chicken”. Since the museum was founded in 1996, the people behind it have been dedicated to collecting and preserving these signs as vital and educational pieces of Las Vegas history. The outdoor exhibition space aka the Neon Boneyard is a particularly impressive sight to behold.

2. Elvis Impersonators Everywhere

The King’s legacy is still very much alive and well in Las Vegas. Whether you’re in a casino, wedding chapel, or checking out one of Vegas’ many street stages, you’re likely to find the trademark hair, sideburns, sunglasses, and glittering white jumpsuit being donned by at least one Elvis fanatic. Try and take a picture of every one you see, and then later, pick out which ones did the best job of channeling The King.

3. The Bliss Dance Sculpture

As a city that’s known for its entertainment value, you’re also going to find a bunch of art everywhere. One of these is called the Bliss Dance sculpture. Created by artist Marco Cochrane, this impressive 40-foot public sculpture first appeared at the music festival Burning Man. Today, you can visit it Park Avenue – the part of The Park between the Monte Carlo and New York-New York. You literally can’t miss this awesome artwork, which Vital Vegas explains took approximately 10,000 hours to construct.

4. The Stratosphere

Speaking of things that are impossible to miss, the Stratosphere tower is literally the tallest structure in Las Vegas. Standing at 1, 149 feet or 350 meters tall, it’s home to four thrilling rides: The X- Scream, Insanity, SkyJump, and Big Shot. Even if you’re not planning to test your mental and physical limits with these thrill rides, the tower is an awesome vantage point for taking unique photos. Although Las Vegas Review Journal reveals that there’s currently a legal debate over whether or not the Stratosphere is technically located on the famed Vegas Strip, don’t worry about it because it’s really easy to find.

5. The Wynn

Almost all casinos in Vegas boast that they are the most elegant. In the category of looks alone, this ideal elegance is perhaps best exhibited by The Wynn. From the flower-filled lobby to the unparalleled view of the city from its subtly whimsical suites, being in The Wynn almost feels like being in the latest Wes Anderson movie. And the Telegraph agrees as they gave The Wynn a 9 out of 10  score for style & character.

6 . The Bellagio

Every tourist has a shot of The Bellagio and its majestic fountains. It’s up to you to capture an image that’s uniquely yours. On weekdays, the fountains’ water shows run for half-hour intervals from 3PM to 7PM and then 15-minute intervals from 7PM till midnight, while PartyPoker states that the show starts at 12 noon on weekends. So no need worry, as there are plenty of photo opportunities to experiment with.

We understand here at Photler that a little research goes a long way in composing good shots. Remember: as Ansel Adams said, “A good photograph is knowing where to stand”.

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