Breaking Down 5 of the Best Photo Ops Near Anchorage and Tips to Plan Your Trip

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind photo op, look no further than Alaska.

Crazy, right? The concept of traveling somewhere exotic or even isolated comes with the territory of being a travel photographer. That said, the idea of somewhere as remote as Alaska really isn’t as extreme as it seems on the surface.

How so? Let’s break it down!


Mapping Out Your Trip

For starters, consider how the city of Anchorage represents a hub for locals and tourists alike, not so unlike other metro areas in some respects (barring the scenery and climate). Of course, this spells great news for those who want to get the best of both worlds: civilization and amazing scenery for your snapshots.

Again, visiting Alaska doesn’t have to mean staying totally beyond the realm of civilization. There are plenty of places to stay in the city proper, and likewise you can discover awesome RV rentals in Alaska if you’re looking to explore and get up close and personal with nature while you’re at it.

Outlined below are some of the absolute must-see sights for snagging snapshots for photographers from every walk of life.

Chugach Mountains

Leave your fear of heights at home! Easily accessible via downtown, you can score a crystal clear view of the Neacolas, Tordrillos and Alaska mountain ranges.

Eagle River

An awesome place to see local wildlife including bears, beaver and salmon, there are plenty of prime viewing spots along the Rodak Trail. Facilities such as restrooms are available as an added bonus.

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Moose, bison, caribou and so much more! The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center lives up to its namesake by offering a massive wildlife enclosure where photographers can take snapshots without disturbing any animals. Perfect for novices who need a bit more time in terms of setup, scoring the perfect shot is most definitely possible here.


Portage Pass

Representing a short-but-steep remote trail, the steep ascent is more definitely worthwhile for those willing to make the trek. Starting at 750 feet of elevation, completion of the trail results in a beautiful, unobstructed shot of Portage Glacier.

Blackstone Glacier

Although arguably the most difficult of our five locations to check out, this one might very well be the most worthwhile. Epic waterfall shots such as the ones found at Blackstone Glacier are quintessential, well worth a cruise or day-ferry to see firsthand.

Packing the Essentials Before You Go

Of course, before booking anything it’s crucial that you pack appropriately for your trip. Considering that you’ll likely be coming by plane or picking up items while you’re here, you’ll need to think twice about what you consider to be “essentials.” This is especially true if you’re visiting Alaska during the summer.


Of course you need to keep inventory on your camera gear, there’s also the issue of layering up and having emergency supplies on hand if you’re spending much time in the wilderness. This might not be the most “fun” aspect of planning your journey, but it’s essential!

Seriously: if you want to impress your photographer buddies or awe your family, you need to make visiting Alaska a priority. With the right planning and sights in mind, you can make it happen sooner rather than later.

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