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You may be reading this post is because of the two main reasons. You’ve already decided to take a trip to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Or you’re just looking for a beautiful city to spend a few days or a weekend. Anyway, the post is right for you to get to know some interesting facts and pieces of advice that help you plan a perfect trip to this outstanding place.

Practical tip

Remember about the money exchange. Although Hungary is a member of the European Union their actual currency is Hungarian forint. You will save some money if you exchange it before the flight. At the airport the rates are usually higher. With the Hungarian forints in your pocket, you are ready to explore this magnificent city.

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Paris of the East

You can see a variety of architectural styles there. Every district has its own unique features typical for the period that it was built – an eternal sign of the historical times. There are a lot of adjectives that can describe Budapest according to his millennial history. But there is one name really worth mentioning. Some people call it the Paris of the East due to the many similarities to the capital of France. Andrassy Avenue is sometimes recognized as the Hungarian Champs Elyseed. It’s a representative boulevard full of shops, boutiques and restaurants, the centre of the shopping and fashion. And it is also not so distant from another vibrant and historical avenue Vaci Utca famous for his typical corner shops and cafè bars.

Budapest came from the union of three ancient cities crossed by the river Danube– Buda, Obuda and Pest. That is a great explanation for the name origin and for the existence of many famous bridges in the city. Of course, they play a practical role in transportation but they also have a great aesthetic value. You can see Liberty Bridge, Margaret Bridge, Arpad Bridge… Each of them has its own style. It’s a perfect idea to take a walk on the bridges to see Budapest from a different perspective!


What to see

There are a lot of places to visit, starting with the immense palace complex Buda Castle or an impressive Hungarian Parliament Building in the beautiful Pest district. Another amazing location that you cannot miss is the Margarita Island on the Danube in front of the Obuda part of the city.

Another idea to admire the city wonders is to take a cruise excursion. Don’t hesitate to choose a night for this kind of sightseeing. Illuminated city, especially in the area of the Parliament looks very impressive and you won’t forget that view for a long time. Sometimes it is also possibility to eat the dinner on a cruise. Surely it won’t be cheap but it’s a good way to feel this unforgettable evening Budapest mood.

For those who prefer an organized form of sightseeing, there are many guided tours that offer a packet of 10 best locations of the city. It’s a short way to reach the essential points of the Budapest in a few hours. You can travel through the entire city by bus that stops in the most famous places such as Heroes Square or Monuments Park to spend some time there, take photos or just to chill out.

Source: Paulius Gabonis

Relax zone

Referring to the historical heritage, there is one more interesting fact. As the relics of the Roman Empire culture, there are more than fifty spa spots for every taste. But the most known is surely the Széchenyi, one of the biggest spa of all Europe and, maybe, the most beautiful! It was the first spa of the city located in centre of the City Park. The object is full of mosaics and statues and there are 5 swimming pools and twelve thermal baths. With less than 10 euro you can spend a very relaxing day in the classical Hungarian’s style.

Thanks to its history, monuments, picturesque streets, squares, avenues and bridges Budapest is, indeed, one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. And it is also one of the most recommended destination for all the pockets.


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