10 iPhone Photography Tips For Amazing Landscapes

Many people wait for a very long time before they master iPhone photography techniques. However, with several simple tricks, you could learn much faster and better to take professional photos using your iPhone. As David Matthew Parker takes you through this tutorial, you will realize the power of having skills and techniques when shooting photos using your iPhone.

iPhone Photography

1. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”; this is a phrase that Steve Jobs reinstated repeatedly and this was for a reason. As a new photographer, you are likely to overcomplicate photos trying to give the perfection you assume is desired in your photos. However, this does not always mean you will produce quality photos, so try to eliminate much frustration by maintaining simplicity.

2. Shoot from a low angle

You will notice that most photos taken with an iPhone are shot from the height of a standing adult. This does not entirely mean you cannot take photos from your chest height, but there are numerous other ways you could take photos to enhance accuracy and to give contrast to the subject. Therefore, you should vary your angles and try low angles.

3. Depth

It is also important to include depth in your photos. This can be achieved in various ways including leading lines in the composition. The techniques work perfectly, especially if you are taking photos of a road, railway line or water. You need to ensure that your composition starts from the foreground leading into the distance.

4. Align subjects diagonally

In the event you are taking photos involving multiple subjects, you should try to align them diagonally by twisting the frame to give this effect. This will help you to create harmonious composition and balance.

5. Include close-up details

Not getting close enough could be one of the reasons you are not able to take clear photos. It is always advisable to move closer to the subject if you want to capture close-up details like texture and colors.

6. Include shadows

Shadows give your photos the effect of depth and help you to present a story better focusing on time. During the time of day when the sun is about to set, your subjects will often have interesting shadows that you could use as a point of reference to add character and depth to your photos.

7. Silhouette photos

Another technique of iPhone photography you could exploit is taking silhouette photos. A silhouette is a dark shape that is produced by an object placed against light. This is an interesting technique that you can implement. All you need is to focus on a subject then shoot facing the source of light and while doing so make sure to reduce exposure.

8. Reflections

Reflections are also a way to take amazing photos. You can achieve this by taking photos of objects positioned near water bodies. To take perfect photos in this technique, make sure your camera is just a few inches from the water surface.

9. Symmetry

Symmetry in photography basically means taking a photo whose image has identical halves. You can achieve symmetry in various ways including using reflection as discussed above or you could as well look out for scenes that are symmetrical.

10. Enhance quality with VSCO filters

The last step you need to consider is editing your photos to produce refined images. In this case, no high skills are needed because you can achieve whatever you need with VSCO filters.


Matthew David Parker is a photographer based out of Las Vegas. He found his inspiration in the people and architecture there. When he first began he would walk through the streets and across the Strip and find something exceptional in the ordinary. He enjoys taking photographs of everyday life in the city, as well as it’s amazing architecture. He has developed a reputation as an exceptional photographer and is honored by the recognition.

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